Nonprofit Spotlight: StoryTellers, sharing and helping the community

Everyone has a story – and this organization seeks to tell them. 

Erika McFarland is the founder and director of programming with StoryTellers-Life Changing, a non-profit organization with the focus of providing community resources and sharing life-changing stories. 

“Our goal is to provide a safe space for people to share their stories of trials and triumph that they and others will be made whole – mind, body and spirit,” McFarland said. “Though our resource aids, our goal is to educate, to be a safe space and to be a source for supplemental food nutrition.” 

StoryTellers includes a Pantry Project Program to help those dealing with food insecurities and also shares inspirational stories online. 

“Through our podcast and a YouTube series, we have reached over 5,000 people,” McFarland said. “Through our Community Fridge, which is a part of our Pantry Program, we have provided food for over 100 people in Lincoln Parish.” 

Area residents can contribute, too, through the pantry program as well. 

“The community can help by becoming a food partner, committing to donate food to our community fridge on a regular basis,” McFarland said. “People can also sign up to be a volunteer for both programs and utilize the community fridge by donating it and taking food when they need it.” 

StoryTellers currently has a staff of 14, including board members and volunteers. They also have multiple community partners who help with the Pantry Project Program. McFarland herself, while serving as a survivors advocate with the Domestic Abuse Resistance Team, a board member with the North Central Louisiana Arts Council, and being a member of Goodwill Lunching and Black Creative Circle, said she saw a need for StoryTellers. 

“My hope and vision for StoryTellers is to grow into a full resource center helping to meet the many needs of people through our many programs,” she said. “I would also like to see StoryTellers Resource Center have multiple locations and our podcast sharing thousands of stories.” 

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