Food truck park expands seating

By Breanne Pittman 

Heard Freighthouse Food Park will grow its park with the addition of more seating as the first step to a complete park expansion. 

Owners Desi and Dianne Bourgeois have seen so much success that they have even bigger plans for the food trucks of Ruston so customers can expect to see more tables, more trucks, live music and so on as the park continues to grow. 

“We feel like we have been successful. A lot of people are coming out,” Desi Bourgeois said. “We have a plan to expand the entire park to create more opportunities for people.”

Three trucks are already in the park: Grown and Grazed, Staples Sandwich Co. and Bad Wolf BBQ. The park will add more trucks to ensure there is a taste for all. 

“We are going to add five more food trucks, an outdoor stage, landscaping, lighting and sound equipment to have an outdoor venue within downtown Ruston that actually brings variety and diversity in,” Bourgeois said.

Customer Rachel Britt shared her excitement to see the future of the food trucks in Ruston as she already loved the trucks available. 

“I saw that they had added two tables on an Instagram post, but I did not realize the bigger goals of theirs, so I am excited,” Britt said. “I like going to the food trucks whenever the weather is nice outside. It is in a great location downtown, and it is so fun to go with friends.”

The food trucks have already brought the community together by creating spaces for individuals to get to know each other and to support other local businesses. 

“I think the expansion will bring in a lot more people, especially me,” Britt said.  

The start to the expansion will take time as there are some city maintenance tasks that have to take place before the project can become fully operational. Though the project will take place over time, the food trucks will remain open during the construction. 

“When the project starts, we are not going to shut down, and we are going to encourage people to keep coming out to support the project as we continue growing,” Bourgeois said. 

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