Banquet recognizes 4-H achievers

By Nate Goldstein

On Thursday, May 12, Lincoln Parish 4-H will host its fifth annual sports banquet. The banquet, held at Ruston Civic Center, is for all parents of competitors and is to recognize all the shooting sports competitors for the 2021-2022 season. 

Shooting sports consist of four different disciplines: shotgun, archery, 22 rifle and hunting skills. All competitors in these four disciplines have the opportunity to compete in multiple competitions throughout the year, including state and national championships.

“The banquet recognizes all competitors and is our way of saying thank you, and because of our auction, the event is free,” Amie Skipper, a volunteer for 4-H shooting sports, said.

The auction consists of about 15 items. 

“On a good year, we can pay for the whole banquet, with the average sale for each item being between $150 to $300,” Skipper said.

The banquet also hands out season awards for participation and qualifying competitors. The event also hosts a special table for graduating seniors who have participated in shooting sports, and it displays all of their awards from their time in 4-H.

This year the 4-H shooting sports program only had one graduating senior: Joshua Ogden.

Ogden has quite the shooting sports track record. In 2021, he placed second place in the national championship in Nebraska and served as a Louisiana state shooting sports ambassador. Ogden capped off his shooting sports career in 4-H by placing first place in his final competition. 

“The senior table gives the younger students something to look forward to,” Skipper said. “The younger ones look up to the older kids, and it is our way to encourage them to look forward to participating in shooting sports.” 

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