Edward Paul Faile: Protecting and serving students and schools

By T. Scott Boatright


Unfortunately, there is no doubt in this day and age, school resource officers (SRO)— armed and trained law enforcement personnel —- have become a needed asset to our Lincoln Parish schools.

Fortunately, most of our schools in Lincoln Parish are under the watchful and caring eyes of SROs like Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy Edward Paul “Bubba” Faile, who serves as SRO at Ruston’s Cypress Spring Elementary School (CSE).

Faile is a firm fixture at CSE, loved by students, faculty and staff alike. 

And working as a fixture can be a plus even for a deputy serving as a SRO — like much of CSE’s staff and students, he’ll have extra time to refuel himself in upcoming weeks.

“I’m pretty much off,” Faile said of his summer schedule. “I’ve got three days of training early this week and then I work a week later on in June on patrol. Then I’m off the rest of the summer until school starts.”

That’s a good thing for Faile. He and his wife Ann Marie, who have three children, plan to go visit their new granddaughter — their first grandchild — next week in Plano, Texas.

Faile admits there is a difference between parenthood and grandparenthood.

“I tell you, it’s tough — a good tough,” Faile said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. I love them dearly. But that little grandbaby has my heart. There’s just something different about it. Somehow even stronger.”

After graduating from Ruston High School, Faile attended Louisiana Tech for a while before deciding jumping headfirst into “the real world” was more for him.

Faile sold cellphones for All-Tel and worked at Building Supplies as receiving manager in the back.

But Faile’s lifelong love of law enforcement – at least somewhat fueled by television shows he watched growing up — never waned. And there came a time that Faile realized it was really never too late to begin doing what he really always wanted to do.

“I always had an interest in law enforcement,” Faile said. “I remember as a kid watching shows like “S.W.A.T.,” “CHIPs,” “Starsky and Hutch” and many others. Those shows gave me a sense of excitement that never left.”

Faile began his law enforcement career in 2006 as a 34-year Ruston Police Department patrolman and later shift sargeant.

After 15 years Faile said “God opened a new door, and I decided to take it.”

That door led him to becoming SRO at CSE.

“I did a short time on patrol with the Sheriff’s Office, but when I was hired it was to be a SRO,” Faile said. “So when school started that’s what I started doing.”

Faile says he feels he’s at the perfect place at the perfect time in his life.

“I love interacting with those kiddos,” he said. “First and foremost is the safety of those kids and faculty and staff. But I also get to know those kids on a one-on-one basis, and with everything going on in the world right now, if I get an opportunity influence and show them that not all policemen are bad — to teach and show them that we are good people and are here to help them — that’s what’s most important.”. 

Faile also said recent events that have rocked the U.S. have left him more determined to give everything he has into his job.

“Security is also the main thing on my mind — the security of those kids and faculty and staff,” Faile said. “I take that very seriously. I’m always checking doors and doing everything I need to do. Everything we’ve seen in just the past couple of weeks helps keep my guard up more than ever.

“But it’s still much about getting in there and interacting with those kiddos and talking with them and helping them. I love it. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. You can;t beat that.:’ 

Faile also tries to find at least a little time for relaxation, admitting he has a fondness for fishing, “a little” hunting, but especially hardball.

“I’m a huge baseball fan,” Faile said. “It hurt me to see my Bulldogs lose today, but they still have a great season. I’m a big Atlanta Braves fan. I grew up watching them on TBS and Dale Murphy is my favorite player ever.

“And I’m also a big baseball card collector — especially the vintage stuff. I love going to card shows. I always have fun at those.”

Baseball cards, protecting and working with children and getting to know his new granddaughter — all important escapes for this young-at-heart  LPSO deputy.


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