Keys to real success

Whether it’s individual aspiration, organization achievement, or team accomplishment, success is something that all desire.  Success can mean different things to different people or different organizations/teams.  Regardless of how you define success, I want to share some thoughts to help you revisit this concept for your life, your organization, or your team.

  • Purpose:  The underlying reason or focus that provides basis for the actions you, your organization, or your team undertake.  I would always suggest that your purpose should be a “who” focus and not a “what” focus.  When purpose is focused on people and not results, life takes on a very different meaning.  Now, that doesn’t mean results don’t matter.  Results matter, but purpose is the foundation that remains regardless of what’s going on with results.  Those actions that we consistently take driving toward purpose will lead to habits which will shape a lifestyle and ultimately an identity.  Every person, organization, and team need identity.  Identity should equal purpose!  
  • Perspective: The proper view of the significance of events along our path.  It’s the ability to understand the relative importance of variables that we come across in life, and the ability to know how and when to adjust our actions.  So many individuals, organizations, and teams get off track here when variables in life confuse things.  Perspective is key!
  • Plan: The strategy that we can effectively execute to fulfill purpose.  For a strategy to be effective, the individuals involved must be able to execute it on a consistent basis and the plan, when executed well, must lead to desired results.  A great plan that is not able to be accomplished leads to failure.  Plan well.  These items are the actions that will ultimately define us over time and lead us to fulfilling that purpose.
  • Poise: The ability to stay focused and calm during challenges and uncertain times.  Poise allows us to stay focused on others.  In the midst of chaos, those that can remain poised make better decisions, help others perform more effectively, and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Perseverance: The ability to keep going and maintain toughness during extreme challenges, failures, or criticism.  Toughness trumps talent during difficult times.  Here is where the “one more concept” makes a difference.  Just keep pressing on for one more day, one more challenge, one more attempt, etc.  Just keep pressing on!
  • Potential: Our ultimate goal is to reach our personal, organizational, or team level of capability.  Our talents, resources, and opportunities are unique and should be evaluated as such.  Don’t settle for anything short of reaching potential and never fear failure along that pursuit.  Unless we fail at some point, we will never know our potential.

Whether you are looking to have an impactful life, to have an impact with your organization, or to have impact with your team, start with purpose and work through the progression of steps noted above.  

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