Teacher Feature: Deborah Barron anticipates Aggie future

Deborah Barron

By Judith Roberts

Deborah Barron has taught preschool at Lincoln Parish Early Childhood Center for 15 years, but next month, she will take her spot in a new preschool class at Choudrant Elementary.

This Louisiana Tech and West Monroe High alumna said teaching, whether at LPECC or at Choudrant Elementary, is what she is supposed to do.

“I know that teaching is what I am supposed to be doing,” Barron said.I love being in my classroom, working with my students, helping them learn and develop. With that said, I believe that teaching also requires intentionality and skill.  I made the decision in college to pursue an education degree.  I was equipped with knowledge from methods classes, child development classes, and practicums that have aided me in becoming the teacher I am today.”

Barron said it was her own educational experience as a student that helped her decide her career field.

“I think my own experiences as a student guided me to become a teacher,” she said. “I always enjoyed school but parts of school were difficult for me as a young child. I had some amazing teachers who helped me fall in love with learning. My hope is that I do that for the students in my classroom.”

She said for teachers coming into the classroom for the first time, she suggests they be intentional and flexible.

“Be intentional. I want the students who enter my classroom to have the most meaningful learning experience possible,” Barron said. “Be flexible. Standards, curriculums, assessments, (and so on)  are ever changing. Often you just have to roll with those changes. 

“Find someone on your grade level team or in your building to connect with, collaborate with, to vent to, and to celebrate with. Teaching can be challenging. Having people who support you makes a world of difference.”

Barron said she is already planning for the upcoming school year on her own and with her fellow preschool teachers.

“Each year is full of its own challenges and triumphs both personally and professionally,” Barron said. “Each class of students I have taught also has their own unique personality. No two groups are ever the same.”