Hot Grill Summer – Vol. 6: Easy Caprese

Hot Grill Summer with Kyle Roberts

Fun fact: I only follow two people on Instagram.

First is my wonderful wife. Because she regularly posts pictures of our kids, it’s an easy way for me to show family photos on the go should the opportunity arise (and when you’ve been blessed two cute kids, it’s pretty frequent).

The second is a magnificent food social media account titled “Half-Baked Harvest.” Judith discovered this site when we were cooking far more at home during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve made appetizers, deserts, entrees, mixed drinks – you name it, and HBH hits a home run every dang time. After three years of following her recipes, I do not share this lightly: we have not had one meal that we did not like.

The recipe I’ll highlight for you today should be an appetizer. However, for my wife and me, its richness turned it into a full meal for us both. No regrets whatsoever- it was divine and only took a moderate effort of prep.

If you’re familiar with Caprese salad, you know the primary ingredients already: tomato, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and of course, fresh pulled mozzarella. For today’s recipe, we will introduce you to burrata cheese, which is mozzarella in its finest evolved form.

Burrata (which is thankfully available here in Ruston; I hear that it’s not as easy to find in some of our surrounding areas) is mozzarella with extra cream added. It turns an already amazing cheese into an even creamier version that is both firm yet spreadable, which when layered over garlic ciabatta bread will send it way over the edge with the rest of the Caprese mix. Lastly, cooked prosciutto slices adds another crispy and delightfully salty element to top it all off.

Like I said, this turned into a full meal for us. But you’ll wow your friends if you cut the ciabatta bread into smaller portions and top with the burrata and Caprese mixture. From a prep perspective, the moderate effort was by far worth the finished product. And I assure you, as good as it looks plated (see below), it does not do the taste justice.

Instead of typing out the recipe for you, it would be much easier to link it here. This blog deserves a follow on social media if you have the chance, as well. I can tell you from experience: it’s worth it.

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy.

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