Detention Center sells handmade furniture to benefit inmates

By Kylie Neel

Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office is holding a handmade woodwork furniture sale that not only benefits the public but also helps the welfare of the detention center’s inmates.

This sale offers inmates in a way to enhance life skills and teaches them more than just carpentry skills.

J.D. Driskill with the Lincoln Parish Detention Center said this was one of the most fruitful events of the year.

“It’s really the most important beneficial event we hold for the inmates besides the pumpkins during pumpkin season,” Driskill said. “This process helps the inmates gain experience in woodwork, but also in teamwork, and it helps them build not only chairs but character as well.”

All proceeds go toward the Inmate Welfare Fund.

“Our woodshop and garden operate in this way, but the woodshop has had the most production overall.” Driskill said.

He added that the inmates at the detention center are making picnic tables, children’s picnic tables, chairs, stools, swings and chair tables — but they also take requests for woodwork furniture. Timing for orders is usually a day-to-day basis as they have a high volume of furniture pre-made already, but for unusual orders, they may take up some time as they will have to start on it immediately.

“We have had a part-time employee who is familiar with woodshops overseeing the inmates’ work and teaching them how to build certain furniture,” Driskill said.

The DC office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Individuals who have woodshop orders and requests can visit the front office.

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