Dominate the elements

I have heard the mantra “Dominate the Elements” from Coach Lane Burroughs on numerous occasions during La Tech baseball seasons.  When Coach Burroughs makes this statement, he is wanting his team to overcome the cold, the rain, the travel delays, and other external elements that could impact his team’s ability to play to their potential.  They have proven time and again that they don’t allow these external elements to hinder their ability to stay focused and execute.  When Coach Burroughs says dominate, he does not mean deal with, accept, or use as an excuse.  Dominate means take control of and not let it impact you.  

I wonder if this mantra does not apply to all of us in some manner.  The elements may not be related to weather or travel concerns, but rather may be negative relationships, community issues, vocational challenges, financial uncertainty, or any number of external factors impacting your life.  These external factors/elements can have a major impact on our ability to function properly, focus on priorities, and find joy in life.  Similar to the Bulldog baseball team, we need to be able to dominate our elements too.  Here are a few suggestions to help you dominate the elements in your life:

  • Purpose:  Whether we are talking purpose in life, purpose for the day, or purpose in the moment, that purpose must be our focal point.  With extreme focus and relentless pursuit, external factors are not allowed to hinder us from achieving purpose.  The external factors are still present, but they don’t have power over us.  The power is in the purpose!
  • Perspective: When we come to the point in our lives and realize that we can’t control external factors, our perspective changes.  We focus on what we can control.  We control our attitude, our effort, and our commitment.  We quit worrying about external factors that we can’t control.  Perspective may be the key to joy!
  • Plan: Life is hard at times, and we need to be prepared.  External factors are going to impact our lives at some point.  Those that have a predetermined plan will navigate through the challenges without being thrown off course.  Anticipate so you can dominate.  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!
  • Poise: The ability to remain calm, process information, and make good decisions in the midst of challenges can be a life changing skill.  If we are going to dominate the elements in our life, we must keep our emotions above the circumstances.  Poise is a virtue that can be developed!
  • Persistence: Sometimes just doing one more makes all the difference.  External factors may cause us to want to give up, not finish what we started, or not put forth our best effort.  Doing just one more of whatever you need to do may be the key to success for you.  The power of one more is so true!

Go dominate those elements in your life this week!

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