Ruston aldermen introduce budget for next fiscal year

Ruston City Council met to introduce an ordinance to adopt the new fiscal year budget.

By T. Scott Boatright

It was likely a record for the shortest Ruston Board of Aldermen meeting ever.

Or at least a tie.

Ruston’s aldermen met for two minutes before adjourning Wednesday night — just long enough to introduce an ordinance adopting the budget and expenditures for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2022, and ending Sept. 30, 2023 for the city of Ruston.

“One quick thing about this budget — I’d like to thank Julie (Spier, city finance director) and her entire staff, with as many grants and moving pieces as we have with all the federal and state funds we’re getting, it’s an incredible budget and I appreciate all the long hours put it to put this together,” Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker said.

That budget plans for total revenues of $105,081,425, which would be $$457,357 more than the prior fiscal year’s budget of $98.624.068.

While expected federal revenues are listed at $4,071,000 less than than the prior fiscal year, revenue from state sources are predicted to be $4,697,000 more and local revenue is listed at $5,831,357 more than the previous fiscal year.

The new budget expects a total of $112,048,486 in total expenses — $13,484,746 more than the prior fiscal year’s expenses of $98,564,740.

Personnel services are expected to take up the majority of city expenses at 38%, followed by materials and supplies at 28%, operating expenses at 22%, and training and other expenses at 12%.

Those personnel expenses will go toward 337 authorized positions along with the eight elected positions the city has.

Now that the proposed budget for the next fiscal year has been introduced, Ruston’s Board of Aldermen will discuss officially adopting it during their September monthly meeting.

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