Revel in the fall

I say this about every season, but fall truly is my favorite season. What other time of the year are the colors of the land so rich and vibrant, when we anticipate so many holidays and activities, and when schedules return to a somewhat normal, bringing stability and change simultaneously?

It really is beautiful.

Lists are my favorite too — I have lists for just about everything in my life, and right now, I just wanted to share my ten favorite (somewhat) local fall activities. They are not in any particular order, because, honestly, I couldn’t do this list picking one as a top favorite.

Also, just to clarify — there is no pumpkin spice on this list. Because that’s just nonsense.

Revisiting old books/movies — My husband laughs at me because pretty much every fall, I reread the Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring series — and watch the subsequent movies. I can’t remember exactly when this semi-tradition of mine started, but I love it. I love looking forward to rereading these books and movies, and now that the kids are getting older, I am sharing these books with them, too. Last week, my younger daughter and I finished “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” and her aghast face when she found out who had actually been opening the Chamber of Secrets absolutely made my whole day. 

Tech Homecoming — Specifically, Breakfast with Champ. The kids won’t be interested in this event in a few years, but right now, I am relishing taking them to eat at the Lambright and them getting to see all their friends and, of course, the star of the show, Champ.

Fall photos — I’m that person who sends out family Christmas cards yearly, and generally the pictures get taken in the fall. Local photographers are already taking reservations for pictures, so if you want fall pictures taken professionally, now’s the time. Many of them offer mini-sessions, which will give you that perfect Christmas card photo at a lower price. Also, you can take some magnificent pictures on your own around Ruston — downtown, local parks, Tech campus. Start watching for the leaves to change, and you’ll be able to pick out some beautiful spots for pictures.

Getting pumpkins — I have to watch myself, because my whole house can be filled with pumpkins (note I didn’t say pumpkin spice; I don’t like it at all). I love regular carving pumpkins, mini pumpkins, pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes. The kids get so excited when we go anywhere that has pumpkins because they know I’m a sucker and will take one, two, or three (I mean, we all have to have one, right?) home.

Morning walks at the park — I love our parks. I cannot stress that enough. And weekend walks around the park with my family are some of my favorite times. The air is crisp, the sun is slowly rising, and already it’s going to be a good day.

Pep rallies — When Tech has a home game, the night before, there will be a pep rally in Railroad Park. It’s such a fun way to get pumped up for the game, see friends, and even grab a bite downtown. 

Football games — I mean, probably Homecoming and pep rallies and this could all be combined, but I think each one has a unique vibe. Football games have tailgating and face paint and, of course, watching your favorite team on the field.

Neighborhood trick-or-treating — We love trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We usually only make it to a few houses because we’ve stopped by at one neighbor’s party or went on a hayride with another. The whole event is just a blast because we see all these kids in fun costumes, walking all up and down the streets, and have a ready-made excuse to be outside visiting.

Papa Simpson’s Farm — These last two are not actually in Ruston, but they’re close by. Papa Simpson’s Farm in Arcadia is a must for us in October. My kids love petting and feeding the various animals, riding horses, and — you guessed it — picking out a pumpkin to bring home.

Curry Farms — Curry Farms in Rayville is a bit further away, but it’s well worth the drive. This is a perfect place to spend a whole day playing — and we’ve done it once or twice! There aren’t as many animals, but they have fun activities like swinging from a rope in a barn, a corn maze, a bounce pillow and so much more.

Of course, this list isn’t extensive, but I’ve gotta say — now I’m ready for some fun!