LPJ accepting letters and notes to Bearcats

Photo Credit: Reggie McLeroy

For the remainder of this week, the LPJ will run letters and from community supporters for the Ruston Bearcats after their run to the Superdome. Submissions to lpjnewsla@gmail.com will be accepted through 12/15/22.

December 11, 2022

Dear 2022 Bearcat Football,

Thank you so much for a fantastic football season. Not only did you play football, but you played with skill, determination, dedication, and CLASS. You represented the tradition that has always been known as Bearcat Pride.

This community had a reason to “come together”, focus, and love Friday nights. Every conversation in Lincoln Parish began with “What about those Bearcats?” We have not been like this in years. We love you for that.

Coaches, what can I say, except Coach Garrett would be proud of you, not only as excellent coaches, but you could see individual talents in EACH player and used him where he would fit into the network of this team. All of you coached, but more than that YOU LOVED THESE BOYS, they respected you, and it showed!

Now, 2022 Bearcats, listen carefully – think about yourselves, your coaches, the administration, your classmates, your teachers, your mother, your daddy, your grandparents, your brothers and sisters, cousins, businesses in Ruston and Lincoln Parish, town and country folks, all the alumni from RUSTON HIGH SCHOOL (spread all over the United States and abroad). This, young men, is THE BEARCAT NATION !!!!! You and this Bearcat Team have made us proud. WE WOULDN’T HAVE MISSED IT FOR THE WORLD!

With love,
Loyce Garrett Miller

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