Could North Louisiana get a white Christmas?

Some weather models are calling for a good possibility of winter weather around Christmas

By Malcolm Butler

Christmas is still nine days away so the most wonderful time of the year is still pretty far off when it comes to accurate weather predictions.

However, some weather models are saying there is a much higher than normal chance of some winter weather round the same time that Santa comes calling.

One of the U.S. models is reflecting 6 to 8 inches of snow by Christmas morning in our area, meaning that snow may occur in our area from Dec 22-25. European models show the same for these dates, but nothing is certain.
However, don’t pull out the snow chains just yet, according to Jarod Floyd, the Chief Meteorologist for NBC10/FOX 14 News.
“We are still in the 6 to 10 day window where we can see trends, but not specifics,” said Floyd Thursday. “There is pretty high confidence that we will see well below average temperatures in the days leading up to Christmas. Highs could drop into the 30s. Lows could fall into the low to mid 20s.
“The cold air looks to hang around enough that some computer models have suggested that we could see a disturbance or two that would be strong enough for light snowfall … Computer models can sometimes overestimate moisture returns. Arctic air is very cold, very dense … and very dry. So we need a very delicate balance of cold air and moisture.
“I would say the odds of seeing snow in the days surrounding Christmas are higher than normal, but still not very good … yet.”
As the line goes … So you are saying there’s a chance?!?