BREAKING: Four members of LPPJ release statement regarding Postel

Four members of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury have released a joint statement regarding the vote to not renew Doug Postel’s contract as administrator for the LPPJ.

The statement reads as follows and is signed by the four members:

“It is hard for us to express accurately the level of disappointment we feel over the irresponsible and wholly unjustified action taken by some members of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last night. The total lack of transparency and public accountability that is rampant in the Police Jury leadership is a disservice to the people of Lincoln Parish, many of whom clearly and powerfully voiced their concerns before the vote last night,  and is unacceptable from public servants. Lincoln Parish is much better than this.”

TJ Cranford, District 4
Logan Hunt, District 5
Glenn Scriber, District 6
Matt Pullin, District 7

The Lincoln Parish Journal will continue to cover this story as it develops.

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