Who is your police juror?

By Malcolm Butler


Who is your district representative on the Lincoln Parish Police Jury?

If you don’t know, you should. It’s always important to know. And, after some of the actions by certain jurors at Tuesday night’s meeting, it’s now more critical than ever.

I’m not going to re-hash all of the events from the meeting as you can read our previous stories in this week’s LPJ detailing all of the action.

The Lincoln Parish Police Jurors are elected officials. By us. For us. And they have a hard job. We know they won’t always agree with each other. And we know that 100 percent of us won’t agree with 100 percent of their decisions 100 percent of the time.

But at the end of the day, they don’t get to operate in a vacuum. They should ALWAYS listen and act on behalf of their constituents.

Sadly enough, Tuesday night, the majority of them did not. In fact they blatantly disregarded their constituents. Honestly, they flipped their constituents the proverbial middle finger.

The meeting turned into a circus that would have made Barnum and Bailey proud. Seriously. Attendees may have felt like they grabbed their cotton candy and entered the big top. The only thing this circus was missing was a tall guy on stilts dressed in a clown suit walking around in the Lincoln Parish Library Events Center.

Lions. And tigers. And bears, oh my.

And there was definitely a ringmaster in LPPJ President Richard Durrett. Give him credit. Durrett had the entire circus orchestrated, and he executed it to perfection.

It truly was a show. It’s just sad this show is also known as the Lincoln Parish Police Jury.

I would like to tell you Tuesday night’s meeting was an isolated event. A one off. It’s not.

You can just search the Lincoln Parish Journal for plenty of stories over the past 6- to 12-months that will make you think you are watching … well, a circus.

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The bad news is there have been way too many not-so-respectable, not-so-transparent, and highly-divisive situations involving the LPPJ this year. The good news is it has brought about more interest and more action by parish residents at the meetings. The bad news is it has divided the police jury to a point where you wonder what 2023 will bring.

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury should be a highly respected body made up of individuals who are out to better our parish. That’s what it should be. But based on my conversations with other Lincoln Parish residents recently, that’s not what it is in its current make-up.

Bottom line is everyone in Lincoln Parish needs to pay attention to who their police juror is, especially if you reside in a district with one of the representatives who gave the parish the big F-YOU on Tuesday night when eight of the jurors voted to oust Administrator Doug Postel despite strong, overwhelming support for his reappointment. And then stayed as silent as a mouse about why they voted no (we are still waiting for one reason — any reason, legitimate or not — as to why).

The good news is that this fall all 12 seats come up for re-election. Don’t be surprised if you see a Political Action Committee formed in the very near future to help with changing the culture and the make-up of the police jury.

But, you don’t have to wait until this fall to act. Call your juror and voice your opinion, positive or negative. They all need to hear it. They need a reminder of who they are actually working for. Maybe you agree with your district reps actions Tuesday night and over the past 12 months. Maybe you don’t. One way or another, you have an opinion. Share it.

Here is a list of the 12 jurors by district and their contact phone numbers: CLICK HERE

Let your voice be heard.

Although based on Tuesday night, don’t expect some of them to care.

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