Healthcare Spotlight: Hannah Rugg pursues pediatric passion

By Kelsey Horath

Hannah Rugg, Board Certified Pediatrician, came to the Ruston area in August 2022, when she joined Green Clinic Health System’s pediatric team. 

Rugg received her undergraduate degree from Tulane University studying spanish and theatre and later completed medical school at Louisiana State University New Orleans. After medical school, Rugg’s residency was completed in pediatrics at the University of South Carolina/Prisma Health.

Though Rugg has been in healthcare since 2015, her heart for the profession began long before. 

“I always knew I wanted to do something that would help other people, but I think it was the examples set by my family that made pediatrics an easy choice once I decided on going into the medical field,” Rugg said.

Rugg’s grandmother especially demonstrated examples that led to her decision to pursue healthcare.

“Growing up, my grandmother ran a daycare where I would often help out after school,” Rugg said. “I was always amazed by her joy in taking care of children and watching them grow.”

Rugg has experienced several great days since joining the medical field; however, like any profession, there are unexpected circumstances that sometimes act as struggles. 

“I think for most of us who have joined the medical field recently it has been the uncertainty of the pandemic,” Rugg said.

Although the unexpected sometimes can’t be fully prevented, how someone reacts and adapts to these situations is beneficial for future occurrences.

“It’s forced me to become more adaptable and take things one day at a time,” Rugg said. 

Being apart of the medical field has been so rewarding for Rugg due to opportunities she has been allowed. The relationships built with patients act as one of the most daily aspects that continues to grow her passion for pediatrics.

“I love the relationships that I’m able to form with families,” Rugg said. “Sometimes parents just need someone to listen and validate their concerns and it’s truly a blessing to be able to take the time to sit with families and learn about their lives.”