Conference brings cancer awareness to North Louisiana

By Emma Stone

Twenty thousand people get a cancer diagnosis in Louisiana every year; the Promising Practices Public Health Conference aims to reduce that number.

Dr. Earl Nupsius Benjamin-Robinson, director of the office of community outreach and engagement at the Louisiana Cancer Research Center and director of the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free-Living, came up with the idea for the conference to be held in North Louisiana. 

“Right now, the LCRC has a significant presence in South Louisiana, so our center’s director, Dr. Ramos, wanted to do more in making certain that people in North Louisiana are aware of resources and cancer research,” said Benjamin-Robinson.

The conference will be held on Friday, June 2 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on-site at Louisiana Tech University or online and hopes to bring people together to learn from each other.

“We’ve created this event to really draw attention and awareness to that, so that people can be made aware of the disparities that exist,” said Benjamin-Robinson.

Those who attend will have the option to share their lived experiences and have a chance to receive resources if diagnosed with cancer.

The conference is the first of the LCRC Community Outreach and Engagement Office and will be held annually with hopes to travel to other large cities in North Louisiana. 

“We know that on the inside of Louisiana, obesity and tobacco are both issues that disproportionally affect Louisianians,” said Benjamin-Robinson. “We know those key issues have a direct relationship with cancer.”

Benjamin-Robinson will host the closing talk on “Community, Healthcare & Services, and Research: Bringing it All Together.”

A pre-conference workshop will be on Thursday, June 1 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“All of this is to ensure a reduced impact of cancer in Louisiana,” said Benjamin-Robinson. 

To register for the pre-conference workshop and the conference itself, visit