State tourism office launches renamed website, social media

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Louisiana Office of Tourism announced the launch of – renaming the state’s primary travel website and social media channels with the goal of inspiring more travel across Louisiana.

“I applaud my team for moving quickly to recognize what is trending in the tourism industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Nungesser. “We did our research, and it showed that a majority of travelers find websites with ‘Explore’ in their address as most memorable and most likely to visit. We see this as a great method to inspire visitors to not just travel here, but also explore the entire state.”

In 2022, nearly eight million people visited the Louisiana tourism website for travel information and trip planning. It is one of the most important marketing tools to promote travel to the state. Research shows that travelers using a travel planning website want inspiration, useful resources and a focus on experience – all primary qualities of

“The Lieutenant Governor charged us early on with the mission of attracting visitors to every corner of the state. ‘Explore’ fits so perfectly with that mission,” said Assistant Secretary of Tourism Doug Bourgeois. “Staying on top of these trends gives us an edge over our competition. We’re asking visitors to uncover our byways, backroads, unique museums and off-the-beaten-path attractions.”