Healthcare Spotlight: Lisa Causey’s unexpected two decades of service

Lisa Causey (left) and Dr. Robert McLean flash a quick smile for the day.

By: Kelsey Horath

Lisa Causey has spent the last 23 years in healthcare at Green Clinic Health System, where she now serves as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Through her many years of service, Causey has acted in various roles throughout the clinic. 

However, Causey never anticipated a life in healthcare, much less over two decades dedicated to the field.

“Funny story, I actually haven’t always wanted to be in healthcare,” Causey said. “I began my career at the ‘old’ Green Clinic as a runner and then moved into a receptionist position.”

After working in a few different capacities throughout the clinic, Causey felt a calling to continue further into the field, studying nursing. 

Following this desire, Causey later received her LPN certification and her first position as a nurse was in Green Clinic’s ENT department, where she worked alongside many valued coworkers.

“My first nursing job was with the loved and respected Dr. (Larry) Neal, and I learned so much from watching him care for people,” Causey said. “He treated every single person with such respect and compassion, which made my job so enjoyable and fun.”

Causey said her enthusiasm for healthcare is strongly fueled by having a team of colleagues that consistently inspire her through kindness to patients and other staff members.

“I enjoy getting to work with our new ENT, Dr. (Robert) McLean,” Causey said. “He is still pretty new at the clinic but he is so compassionate with the patients, which makes my work very enjoyable.”

Alongside finding excitement through her team, Causey said she appreciates the opportunity to serve patients needing care. 

“Being able to serve others and play a part in helping people ‘get better’ is a daily task that I am so passionate about,” Causey said. 

Moving forward through her career in healthcare, Causey said she wants nothing more than to continue to play a role in patients journey to good health and getting better. 

“I’m not too far from retirement these days, so my goal for the future is to end my career having made a difference in people’s lives using the gifts that God gave me,” Causey said.