Cole announces candidacy for District 6 police jury seat

John Cole will run against incumbent Glenn Scriber in District 6 of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury election this fall.

To District 6 Residents

For many years a sign hung in the Ruston High Gym that had a quote on it that read “Nothing Great was ever achieved without ENTHUSIASM”. 

My life’s journey has been guided by that quote and it has been a major part of what defines who I am.

So after a tremendous amount of thought, prayer and along with encouragement from several local residents, I, John Cole, have decided to offer my name as a candidate for Lincoln Parish Police Jury District 6.

Our current jury has accomplished many important works, but there remains so much more work to be accomplished.   Right now, Lincoln Parish is at a critical juncture and change is needed in order to move the Police Jury forward.   To make the changes effectively, I believe that we need to have a good balance of experience and new ideas on the jury.

My pledge is that I will bring a new dimension to the jury and create a tradition of strong and effective leadership.  I will tackle all issues with tremendous enthusiasm, seek possible solutions, take a stance, and I will fight with energy to make decisions based upon what is right and needed for the betterment of the citizens of Lincoln Parish.  Personal self-determination and personal responsibility go hand in hand with my campaign and I will focus on moving Lincoln Parish forward by maintaining integrity and transparency. 

Fiscal management and strong leadership are crucial during these difficult times.  The future of Lincoln Parish is at a critical crossroad, and I will bring my 40 years of financial knowledge and experience to the jury.   I have lived in Lincoln Parish for nearly 40 years and I am a graduate of Ruston High School and Louisiana Tech University.  

Accomplishments come from teamwork and cooperation, and in order to achieve great endeavors, I believe that all of us working together to create a better Lincoln Parish is vital to realizing the vision of what is best for our community.  I look forward to visiting with people during the campaign at their front doors, at local businesses, and all around our community. 

I will listen to your concerns, share your beliefs, and I sincerely ask for your support and vote so that together we can create a sense of pride in the fact that we live in the best Parish in Louisiana.


John Cole