COLUMN: Ponderings by Doug

Yesterday at Trinity Methodist Church we hosted our annual Trunk or Treat event. It was massive. There were kids everywhere, adults too.

Toward the end of the event, one of our youths came to me with a puppy. The puppy is a very young little guy. There were a group of our High School girls who were approached by a lady who said, “I’m not going home with this puppy.” The lady gave the puppy to the girls and vanished into the throng of people. You know what happened next. The girls all called their dads with the query, “Can we keep it?” Because the dads were not here, they were firm in their puppy adoption denial. Finally, one dad said, “Take the puppy to the preacher, he’ll take it.”

I took the puppy. I know the drill! The puppy has a nice puppy carrier with a soft bed inside. The puppy got warm milk and puppy food. While I’m writing this, the puppy is at the vet being checked out and given shots.

Last night, the puppy met the two other dogs occupying our home.

Rolo and Chester are not small dogs. Both are Pitbull mixes. They play rough when they play with each other. They are both terrified of this puppy. He is a little terrier mix. They are not sure what to do with him. Last night, there was sniffing, tail wagging, and lots of dog bowing. If you have not seen the bowing position of a dog wanting to play you have missed something. 

The dog slept in his doggy carrier and each time he whimpered both big dogs were right there making sure I heard the puppy and tended to him. The very strange thing was that the puppy was in the bed on my pillow when I woke up this morning. I guess I have some reflex action that took care of the crying puppy during the night.

The puppy doesn’t have a name, yet. If I keep him, his name will be Nick. That’s right, since it is LSU week, I’m naming the puppy Nick Saban! If you don’t like that name, I have a puppy you can adopt and you can pick a better puppy name!

I am not a dog whisperer. Each time I have brought a dog home, I am reminded that my life was broken down on the side of life’s road, a savior named Jesus reached down from heaven, righted my life, and invited me to follow Him. I do love dogs and who can turn their back on a puppy? But for me it is theological. 

Nick Saban (the puppy) reminds me of being lifted out of my lost condition and finding a home where I am loved.

Has Jesus rescued you?