Code RED allows citizens to receive emergency updates 

It’s Code RED for Ruston. 

The city of Ruston has instituted a new service, Code RED, which allows residents to receive emergency updates regarding weather, street closings, and other pertinent information. 

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker said individuals can go to to sign up for this service. 

“We use Code RED to push out information, whether it’s weather alerts, street closings, announcements about stuff, but mostly it’s for emergency type stuff,” Walker said. “But also, if we know utilities are off for a few hours somewhere for a transformer replacement, we can push that out.” 

Walker said this idea formed after the tornado that ripped through Ruston in 2019. 

“During the tornado, we did videos and tried to push something out every day, and we tried to push something out on social media every hour or two because we knew people needed information,” Walker said. “But for some people that didn’t fill all the void, and this gives us another avenue.” 

Walker said while the system to sign up is easy to navigate, individuals can also choose which alerts they would like to receive. 

“It’s easy to sign up and you can opt out,” he said. “If you don’t want weather alerts, for example, you can opt out of that.” 

Currently, Code RED allows residents to sign up for emergency notifications, general notifications and severe weather warnings. Residents can choose up to sign up for one or all three. 

To sign up, visit and scroll down to the Code Red box. From there, the process takes about three minutes to complete.

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