Creek girls win Port Allen powerlifting meet

By T. Scott Boatright

Cedar Creek’s girls powerlifting team was put to the test this weekend as they competed in the Port Allen Girls Only Invitational.

And the Cougars snatched first place at the meet by totaling 51 points.

Fourteen Cedar Creek girls took the platform with many personal records and even a few unofficial state records, said Cougars powerlifting coach Jacob Angevine.

Of the 14 Cougars who ranked in the top three of their individual weight classifications, six girls placed first in their respective weight classes. Those were Emma Moore (114 pounds), Madelyn Carroll (123), Peyton Muse (132), Ainsley Riley (148), Olivia Salter (181), and Ashlyn Bourn (198). 

Two Creek lifters placed second — Kenley Brasher (105) and Lauren Enterkin (165), while three girls placed third Alli Claire Johnson (97), Elli Dickerson (148), and Tatum Brasher (165).

The Lady Cougars were also asked to be a part of a Tri-Meet next year with the reigning 3A and 2A State Champs, Lutcher and Port Allen.

Cedar Creek’s girls powerlifting team fell one point short of a Division V state title last March, prompting the squad to begin calling the current season a ‘revenge tour’ at that event.

“We knew we had some tough competition in Port Allen but the team has been working really hard,” Angevine said. “They were excited for the challenge. We met the Port Allen coach at the Natchitoches Central meet (on Jan. 8), and he told me they had a couple of spots open, so we took one and we’re very happy we did.

“This was the first real meet we’ve gotten to take them to. There just haven’t been a lot of real opportunities to take them to up here in the northern part of the state. The girls getting to make that trip and get out of their comfort zone, and to react and to handle things the way they did, it’s remarkable. They’ve been putting in the work and that really showed this weekend.”

Cedar Creek’s powerlifters have two meets remaining on their schedule — regionals and state.

“That was the last big meet we’re going to take them to before those two meets,” Angevine said. “We’re going to lift a couple of our kids in our JV meet on Feb. 12. We’ll lift some of our kids just to fine tune some things for some of our top 11.”

Angevine said Cedar Creek has 16 girls and 18 boys in its high school powerlifting program.

“It’s really taken off the past couple of years,” he said. “Middle school through high school we have 52 boys and girls. Seventh grade is just teaching them the ropes. Teaching technique working with PVC pipe. Then they work their way up to a bar before putting on some lower weights.

“Then in eighth grade we kind of challenge them a little bit more but it’s really high school — freshmen through seniors —that we really challenge. We like to teach them early and have them learn the ropes so that by the time they get to that big stage, they’re not as nervous.”

Angevine said that despite 100-pound differences between some of his lifters, training is pretty much the same for all.

“We’ve come up with a good formula that kind of lifts different percentages of their maxes and things like that,” Angevine said. “Our 97-pounder, Alli Claire — we call her ‘The Hulk’ — is awesome. She comes in and puts in the work. She sees all these big weights and she’s not afraid. She’s awesome. The weight differences between the lifters doesn’t matter. We train them the same.”

And that’s while many of Cedar Creek’s powerlifters are training for other sports, too. 

“We normally go three or four times a week in the weight room during the school week,” Angevine said of powerlifting workouts. “Then we try to get them all together on Sunday if we can get them all in just trying to balance out all their different sports. We have so many multi-sport athletes, especially being a 1A school. A couple of girls go straight from powerlifting to basketball, or softball to powerlifting then basketball. The way they balance all of that and then show out like they did last weekend is just a testament to some of the athletes we have at the Creek.”


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