Heard Construction Roofing Division offers top quality service, product

Marshall Doss, Richard Heard and Walter McElduff combine for over 55 years of roofing experience.



Ruston has its own Big Three.  

At least in the roofing business.  

Move over Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  

And meet Richard Heard, Marshall Doss and Walter McElduff – the three-headed, Ruston-based roofing “monster” that takes pride in providing a quality product to local residents under the highly-skilled umbrella that is Heard Construction – Roofing Division.  

Started in January of this year, Heard said they had one overriding goal in mind.

“Our goal was to put together the best team that was humanly possible to assemble through resources we had in Ruston,” said Heard, who has spent 20 years of his life in the construction business. “We decided to come together as a team to make the best roofing company around.” 

The three of them have a combined 55-plus years of roofing experience and almost 70 years in the construction business. But most importantly, they call north Louisiana home. 

“We live here. We will always live here. Our kids will probably always live here,” said Richard. “We went to school here. We went to college here. So, you can count on us to do the right thing. 

“We are No. 1 customer oriented. We want to make sure we are giving back to this community. We are invested in this community. We are invested in it personally. We are invested in it professionally. We are going to be here for a long time. If something happens, the customer can call. We are going to take care of it if it’s our fault. And even if it’s not our fault, we are going to try to get down to the bottom of it and we are going to see what it takes to fix it.” 

Heard, who graduated from Dubach High School and Louisiana Tech University – spending some time as part of the Bulldog baseball program in college, decided to team up with Doss as business partners in the roofing business. The two knew each other from Dubach High School, where they began working in the roofing business during the summers.  

Doss has had his contractors license for five years, and a roofing company for four, and was working as a superintendent for Heard Construction. The two decided to partner and former Heard Construction – Roofing Division.  

He said his philosophy aligns with Heard’s in many aspects.  

“I’m 100 percent with Richard,” said Doss. “Quality is the No. 1 thing. I want to be able to see you in the grocery store and not have to avoid you. I want you to know you can trust me.” 

Heard and Doss knew they needed to find someone who could oversee the roofing side of the business, someone with a great reputation and years of experience in the roofing industry.  

Enter McElduff, who began working in the roofing profession in 1982 and has spent 37 of the last 39 years as a roofer. 

“I didn’t think I would ever get back in it,” said McElduff spent 37 years with Lee’s Roofing before leaving the industry for 116 weeks starting in January of 2019. “Richard saw me one day and bent my ear. I said ‘Nah, I’m not doing that.’ He called me a few weeks later and said ‘We need to do this.’ I was having a bad day at the gas company and said, ‘Yes, it would be a great time to do this.’” 

According to the threesome, they provide the best of the best when it comes to the installation or replacement of roofs. 

“The shingle manufacturer gives us criteria,” said Heard. “If we meet four out of the five of the criteria, then they give us a limited lifetime warranty. I am careful how we say that. In the event you have a failure, there is nothing on our part that they are going to say we did wrong.  

“And the way we make sure that is right … we have Walter. Walter is there, and he is overseeing the project. He is going to talk to the homeowner. We are not sending crews out there, coming to collect a check and then you never hear from us. That’s not the company that we have built. It’s just as important that we build trust.” 

The roofing division of Heard Construction officially opened in January of this year. However, they did their homework in advance in order to make sure they can provide the best product and service to the residents of North Louisiana. 

“We spent a lot of time trying to develop the top-level crews,” said Heard. “We have sorted through crews. We’ve sorted through shingle companies. We did our homework on the front side trying to make sure business is done the right way at every level.  

“We have invested in the insurance company software so we can go to bat for the homeowners. We are very honest in what we do. But if we feel like it’s something we need to fight for the homeowner then we are going to do that. We spend months sometimes doing that. Trying to make sure the homeowner gets what they deserve.” 

And what do they do differently than many roofing companies? Well, they don’t try to do things the quick and easy way. Example?  

“We’ve taken the nail gun out of play,” said Richard. “We think the nail gun is the reason you see shingles sliding out of roofs all the time. That’s due to installation. They are putting the nails in the wrong place. If we are going to try to put on the best possible roof, then one thing we can do is take the nail gun out of play.  

“Yes, it cost a little bit more money. But at the end of the day, what is another $1,000 for labor if the insurance company is paying it any way? Why would we not go back and do it the way it was originally done 20 or 30 years ago? We are going to go through any and all ways possible to make sure the homeowner gets the best possible product.” 

“It may slow the process down a little, but by doing that, it makes them more aware of what they are installing,” said McElduff. “And it will last longer. In the eight months we have been in business, we have had zero call backs. Doing it this way is a lot more pleasant experience for the homeowner. They are covered.” 

So next time you have an issue with your roof or if you are building a new house – by the way, Heard Construction is fully integrated and can take care of that new house from the ground up – call Heard Construction Roofing Division. 

“We make it easy. We make it transparent. It’s 100 percent full service,” said Heard. “Quality is so important to us. Why? It’s because the homeowner is No. 1, and they deserve the best. The product that they get is because we care about them.” 

And they don’t cut corners.  

“So many roofing companies do one of two things,” said Heard. “They try to manipulate the situation and get as much money as they can out of the insurance company by replacing things they don’t necessarily have to. Or on the other side, they try to maximize their profit by covering up problems and roof over those problems. We refuse to do either of the two. If there is an issue, we are going to make you aware of it, we are going to fix it, and then we are going to go to bat with the insurance company to try to get that money. 

“What is the point of putting on a $30,000 roof if some problem that has been intentionally covered up is going to come back and haunt you in five years. That’s what we want people to understand. You may pay a little bit more. You may not put a $1,000 in your pocket after the insurance company pays, but you are going to save multiple thousands down the road.” 



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