Meet Rob Owens: Rising Lincoln Leader

Rob Owens

(This is one of 20 profiles on the recipients selected by an anonymous committee out of an extensive list of nominees for the 2023 Rising Lincoln Leader Award. The Lincoln Parish Journal thanks Mayor Ronny Walker and the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for their support of this award. We would like to thank Kevin Hawkins at for the headshots).


Name: Rob Owens

Age: 39

Employer: Self-Employed, Business Owner of Beau Vines and The Revelry

Title: Entrepreneur

Hometown: Ruston, La.

How long have you lived in Lincoln Parish: 30 years

Civic-volunteer organizations: Ruston/Lincoln Convention and Visitors Board of Directors (current Chairman), Temple Baptist Church, Ruston Dixie Baseball Coach

Professional Highlights: I believe for me, opening our restaurant was the highlight of my career thus far.  When we first opened Beau Vines and The Revelry- we were in our twenties, and had not proven much at the time, and we took over a business that I had wanted to own for most of my adult life. Since that time, I’m honored to say that we have now surpassed 10 years in the restaurant business, and have 3 other restaurant and bars in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  We have survived and flourished, even in the midst of COVID, and our son Brecken going through a 2.5 year treatment of Leukemia. Aside from my own business ventures, another highlight has been watching my wife build her own successful online clothing and hat brand.

Bradley Walker on Rob Owens

“I’ve known Rob a long time and have always admired his drive and work ethic. He is someone who is always trying to make things better in everything he is involved with.  From volunteering his time as a CVB board member to being a mentor to numerous young people, Rob is someone who loves the Ruston/Lincoln Parish community and is always willing to help serve in whatever way he can.”

Q&A with Rob Owens

What makes Lincoln Parish special?

They say “there is no place like home” and for me, Lincoln Parish is just that- my home.  I have been fortunate to have lived in several other places and made connections around the country, but there is nothing like the people here in Lincoln Parish.  Even when I lived other places, I wanted nothing more than to move home, set my roots, and create a family that could grow up here with those friends and families that we love so much.

How do you see your role in improving Lincoln Parish?  

On top of the restaurants, I love real estate and the history of our community.  Born and raised here, I have been fortunate to see this community thrive and grow- I personally, look forward to adding to our real estate acquisitions and being able to create some really cool spaces that reflect our culture and rich history here in the Piney Hills.

Who has played a pivotal role in your professional development and why?

There are so many people who have mentored and molded throughout my life.  However, without a doubt, my grandfather Hale Shadow, played the most pivotal role in my development.  As a business man here in Ruston for decades, he also served on the city council and was extremely involved in the community.  He instilled life lessons for me at an early age that have served me well.  I was able to really understand and be witness to the importance of hard work, passion, loyalty, and the ability to get along with people.  He believed in me, but more importantly, made me believe in myself-  He was adamant that if you set your mind to something, one could make it happen.